Cross-Step Waltz: A Dancer's Guide

by Richard Powers and Nick & Melissa Enge

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Cross-Step Waltz is one of the newest social dance forms, spreading quickly because it's easy to learn yet endlessly innovative, satisfying for both beginners and the most experienced dancers. It rotates and travels like the original waltz, but the addition of the cross-step opens up a wide range of playful yet gracefully flowing variations.

In this comprehensive dancer's guide to Cross-Step Waltz, you will learn:

How to dance more than 250 variations of Cross-Step Waltz, including basics, turns, grapevines, pivots, Tango-inspired figures, variations in cradle and shadow position, and ways to conclude a dance with flair.

How to become a better dance partner, whether you dance as a Lead, a Follow, or both.

How to dance more musically, and how to create your own Cross-Step Waltz variations.

How to dance Cross-Step Waltz to a wide variety of music, and how to transition between Cross-Step Waltz and other dances.

Finally, in a series of essays by our students, you'll learn how dancing Cross-Step Waltz can change your life!

In addition to being fully described in writing, each of the 250+ variations is illustrated by a demo video on this companion website.

Published by Redowa Press

Cover painting by Manuel G. Avendano